Silicon Valley
Trusted Advisors
Interim Management
  • New business, startup, new market,  re-structuring
  • Asia to US entry: presence, channels, alliances
  • US to Asia entry: channels, alliances
  • Building and running innovation programs with or
    setting up presence inside Silicon Valley
  • Reduce cost, time to market, and risks
Technology companies in the US expanding globally can no longer ignore the
new opportunities and talent in Asia -- large rapidly-growing markets that also
offer cost advantage, abundant talents and capital.  The same is true for new
companies from outside the US wanting to expand into the US market. Engaging
and harnessing the rapid innovation and talent in the Silicon Valley for a larger
US or Asian companies are similarly challenging. Effectively leveraging the right
partners and resources will capture the best of these opportunities.

It is time consuming, risky, and expensive to land in the Silicon Valley or other
major cities in Asia. Besides helping you round out the talent of your initial team,
get product out on time, or generate early customer tractions, our team can
deliver a significant  lift for your business in your new market by injecting an
instant dose of seasoned management talent, strong industry contacts, and
proven processes.  As active long-term truster partners, we stay on to help your
new business team avoid common pitfalls, and nurture their dream company from
a humble seedling to a thriving cross border success.

We augment our client’s vision, plan, and execution of these cross-border
opportunities with our unique sensitivity to the environment and the people
operating in multiple countries.
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